Enterprise Knowledge Graph 2020

10 trends that will help you develop your enterprise graph strategy

2020 brings an exciting year in graph technologies! Here are ten trends to watch.

Background on the EKG problem space

Graph Trend #1: Native Labeled Property Graph (LPG) dominates graph technologies

A Google Trends report comparing interest in Cypher and SPARQL for the prior year. See https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?q=cypher,SPARQL

Graph Trend #2: The GQL standard picks up momentum

Graph Trend #3: Queen similarity ascends the throne

Graph Trend #4: Hardware similarity with FPGA becomes a commodity

Graph Trend #5: Data Scientists and the deep learning community embrace graph

Graph Trend #6: Graph communities mature

Graph Trend #7: Graph-at-scale brings new challenges

Graph Trend #8: Graph hardware still in its infancy

Graph Trend #9: Metadata and data quality standards for LPGs will emerge

Graph Trend #10: Complex Adaptive System (CAS) theory predicts Emergence




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Dan McCreary

Distinguished Engineer that loves knowledge graphs, AI, and Systems Thinking. Fan of STEM, microcontrollers, robotics, PKGs, and the AI Racing League.