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  • Elliot Gunn

    Elliot Gunn

    Data + Editorial @ TDS. Prev @ C4ADS (data science intern), Global Strategy Lab (research fellow). @elliot_j_g for tweets on data, writing, econs, tech!

  • Anne Bonner

    Anne Bonner

    Founder/CEO of Content Simplicity (https://contentsimplicity.com/), Contract Deputy Editor of Towards Data Science.

  • Ben Huberman

    Ben Huberman

    Editor in Chief, Towards Data Science. Previously: Editorial lead, Automattic & Senior Editor, Longreads.

  • Caitlin Kindig

    Caitlin Kindig

    Editor at Towards Data Science, she/her

  • Majidpahlevanzadeh


  • Eric Dörheit

    Eric Dörheit

  • Danny Chung-Hung Tsai

    Danny Chung-Hung Tsai


  • Jack Jonathans

    Jack Jonathans

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