Understanding Graph Embeddings

A sample of customer data in a knowledge graph and the embedding vector attached to the graph.

Mowgli’s Walk

The context for our story about Mowgli’s walk
Moglie sees a tiger on the path. What should he do? Run back to the village or proceed down the path.

What Are Graph Embeddings?

Nearness In Embedding Space

Given any two points on a map, we can create a formula for calculating the distance between the points.

Word Embedding Analogies

Examples of word embeddings for the concepts of royalty and gender.

How Are Graph Embedding Stored?

An illustration of a vertex embedding for a subgraph of a graph.

Size of Embeddings

No Semantics with Each Value

Any Vertex Can Have an Embedding

Calculating the Context Window of an Embedding

Embeddings vs. Hand-coded Feature Engineering

Tradeoffs of Creating Embeddings

Homogeneous vs. Heterogeneous Graphs

How Enterprise Knowledge Graph Embeddings Are Calculated

Graph Convolutional Neural Networks (GCN)

Random Walk Algorithms




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Dan McCreary

Dan McCreary

Distinguished Engineer that loves knowledge graphs, AI, and Systems Thinking. Fan of STEM, microcontrollers, robotics, DonkeyCars, and the AI Racing League.